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Life is Good!

Dear Mr. Levine

Life is good! That is all I can say. What could be better than to be 48 lbs. lighter, eating healthy, a good marriage and a great personal trainer like Karen Baca!

I feel very thankful to have found such a dedicated, caring person like Karen to be my trainer. She really puts the “Personal” in personal trainer. It amazes me that with each session she truly listens to what I am saying about my body, how I’m feeling, if I’m hurting somewhere. I have been working with Karen for nearly two years now and just look forward to each of our sessions. I look at it as a true investment in my health!

For anyone who has never used a personal trainer I’d say please give it a try. I never knew you could be doing even the simplest exercises incorrectly. She helps with form, breathing, proper stance, etc. I could go on and on. I just know that having her there helps give me that extra motivation that I need to keep going.

Until I reached my desired goal Karen had me keep a food journal. Now I know that is not a favorite thing to do for a lot of people, however I found it to be very beneficial. Everything that I put in my mouth went into that log. I began to realize how much I was “snacking”, thinking this little bit her and that little bit there really didn’t add up to much; but boy was I wrong!

I only wish that I had found someone like Karen 40 years ago. There is nothing more important than your health. That old saying, “I’ll get to it tomorrow”… well tomorrow never comes if you don’t start now! If you want to live a healthy life… invest in yourself!

Kathy Lattauzio

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