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Tired of being Tired

I experienced being obese, having to spend money and time on taking meds and being out of breath walking. Now when I walk Snow Canyon I’m not out of breath! I was going up and down in weight, but never reaching a goal that was satisfactory in being healthy. Health is one of the most important keys to enjoying life.

I made a big decision to pay a little money to join the Summit Athletic Club the first of the year 2015. By doing exercise each day, eating healthy food, and with a little help from the staff at the Summit Athletic club, who happen to be very good people, Im gradually meeting my health goals. The doctor has taken me off my meds for Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m finally feeling better after all these years both in my body and mind.


So if you’re tired of being tired and you need a change in your life, I would highly recommend coming to visit and sign up at the Summit Athletic Club in St. George. This is not an advertisement — this is real life! If you don’t believe it come by and see me there.

I’m looking forward to enjoying family and keeping up with them because I can move better and feel stronger and more energetic. Now that I have no meds to take or pay for, a little bit of exercise and eating right and of course, now music is my medicine. And don’t forget Kyle who is the manager/owner of the NutriShop that make on heck of a healthy smoothie! And also Darren who is over the rehab center. Boy does he care about helping others getting healthy! Last but not least, Joe the owner works to make the club a great place to exercise by brining in new equipment and ideas.

Written by: Brad Grob


  1. Greg - October 8, 2015 4:44 PM

    I see you at the gym all the time. You’re committed, its inspiring! I love having friendly regulars around the club, it makes the gym so much less intimidating.

    • Brad Grob - October 8, 2015 8:46 PM

      Greg, it is hard to be committed in improving yourself especially when you are getting older. But when you meet friendly people like yourself it helps!

      Thanks Brad


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