Summit Athletic Club


I can do what I love again!

Lorri, I have been coming to your class for 4 1/2 years. I was told by David(years back) that I should come to your class to relieve my pain from an automobile accident. I have 5 compressed vertebrae and 2 broken discs. I refused to have my back operated on.[…]

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Tired of being Tired

So if you’re tired of being tired and you need a change in your life, I would highly recommend coming to visit and sign up at the Summit Athletic Club in St. George. This is not an advertisement — this is real life! If you don’t believe it come by[…]

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Life Changing Classes!

The Summit has helped me to totally commit to a healthier lifestyle… the instructors are above and beyond inspirational! The classes and instructors that have had the biggest impact on changing my attitude toward exercise and contributing to my new found dedication to life-long health are: Healthy Postures with Lori[…]

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Life is Good!

Dear Mr. Levine Life is good! That is all I can say. What could be better than to be 48 lbs. lighter, eating healthy, a good marriage and a great personal trainer like Karen Baca! I feel very thankful to have found such a dedicated, caring person like Karen to[…]

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Amazing Group Instructors

I absolutely Love the Summit. Our family joined over a year ago and has been committed to come almost every day for the past year. I like Martial Arts, Biking, and Cross Training and The Summit offers me the fitness training I need to achieve higher goals and to embrace[…]

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An Investment in Good Health

Dear Ms. Van Gilder, Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is progressive and there is no cure. And, for several years, I have suffered persistent pain in both of my shoulders. In 2010 my wife Kathy and I became members at the Summit. We took advantage[…]

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