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Yoga/Stretch 75

Yoga/Stretch 75

The beloved Yoga/Stretch sequence with an extended modified savasana. *Mat required

*75 minutes*

Class will be canceled on these major 2019 holiday weekends:

Easter (4/21);  Memorial Day Weekend (5/26); Labor Day Weekend (9/1); Sunday before Christmas (12/22)



Yoga/Stretch: Vinyasa inspired. In this class you’ll move fluidly through yoga flexibility-based postures, classic stretching, and balance poses. This class focuses on increasing muscle length, range of motion, and body awareness & appreciation. The combination of both static & dynamic stretching, yoga flow, and relaxation allows for a mindful and physical awakening. *Mat required.



August 25 @ 18:00
6:00 pm (1h 15′)

All Bluff Classes, Bluff Yoga Studio

Kara Kopf