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Class Categories

We offer a wide range of classes to fit the needs of all of our members. These classes are included in your Summit Athletic Club membership and we encourage you to try them out. Classes are offered at all three of our locations, however, the schedules and class types are not the same for each location. Click on one of the categories below to find out which classes are offered in that category. To find out where and when each class is offered, click on the “Class Schedule” button below. To print a list of classes along with their description, click on the “Class Descriptions” button below.


Functional Training is a buzz phrase in the industry! The benefits of functional training can assist in improving your body’s natural capabilities through movements. From improving your gait to attacking an obstacle course, functional training is an important component to your fitness routine.

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Intensity Training is the most efficient way to burn fat and keep muscle while increasing your cardiorespiratory efficiency! Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone (and into the anaerobic zone) is challenging but incredibly rewarding. Get ready to see – and feel – amazing results!

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Have you’ve wanted to try Pilates classes but something has been holding you back? Now’s your time to sign up for your first one. Pilates offers plenty of benefits to your body, no matter your fitness background. You’ll improve your posture, focus on body alignment, and get one heck of a core workout.

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Healthy Postures

Our everyday activities combined with gravity creates compressed joints. This, along with improper body alignment causes muscle tightness, joint deterioration, and loss of functional movement. These issues can cause pain and loss of functionality. This program is designed to put your body back in it’s proper alignment, decompress your joints, and get you moving freely again – all without pain.

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Our Spin program can’t be topped in Southern Utah! As a certified Spinning(R) Facility, you’ll get the most out of your ride. Whether you’re on the bike for the first time or training for the Ironman, you’ll reap the benefits of Spin!

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Strength training is by far one of the most efficient ways to build muscle, change your physique, improve bone density, and increase your metabolism! Your muscle moves your skeleton. And, the rumors are true! You use it or lose it. Maintaining a regular strength training routine is a key component to optimal fitness.

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Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is exercise in disguise. We move to music so why not reap the rewards of movement at the same time? Our Dance Fitness classes will keep you moving – and moving burns calories. Our upbeat music and energetic instructors will keep you entertained you’ll forget your working out! Dance your way into shape all while having the time of your life.

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Summit Yoga Classes


There is a reason why Yoga has been around for hundreds of years. The physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga have been experienced time and time again. Gain strength , flexibility, and a deeper appreciation of your body in the many yoga varietals Summit has to offer. Namaste.

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Look no further for low impact, results achieving, and a super fun way to exercise! Water exercise is one of the most therapeutic forms of physical fitness. Jump in – the water feels great!

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