Class Schedules

We offer a wide range of classes to fit the needs of all of our members. These classes are included in your Summit Athletic Club membership and we encourage you to try them out. Classes are offered at all three of our locations, however, the schedules and class types are not the same for each location. To find out where and when each class is offered, download the schedule by clicking on of the buttons under “Download a Schedule”.


River Road

Regular Club & Childcare 8:00am – 3:00pm


5:20am TRX Ava
7:15am Healthy Posture Lorri
8:30am Spin Nicole
9am Live Ball Cydnee
9am Pickleball Live Jessica
9:35am Group Power Deb
9:35am Caged Nicole
12pm Healthy Posture Lorri
6:30pm Spin Flex Nicole
6:30pm Healthy Posture Lorri
7:30pm Balance & Breathe Julie


7am SPIN ZONE Jessica G
8:30am TOTAL Jessica W
5:30pm SPIN ZONE Nicole

Memorial Day 2021

Special Schedules

Bluff Street

Regular Club Hours & Childcare 8:30am – 12pm


6:45am High Fitness Lindsay L
9am Hot Power Yoga Ryan
10:30am LDUB CLUB Laci
7:15pm LDUB CLUB Laci
8:30am Dirty Beatz Trinity


6am TOTAL Megan
9am TOTAL Sheri
6pm H.I.I.T. 45 Jordan


24/7 Access & Childcare Closed


6:30am Spin Beats Jill
8:30am Chisel Ava
9:30am SURGE FIT Danielle
10:40am Healthy Posture Lorri
4:15pm Healthy Posture Lorri

Regular Class Schedule

Zone Schedule - (For zone members only)