Summit Athletic Club

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Pioneer Day Specialized Schedule

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

River Road

Childcare Hours: 8am – 5pm

5:15am CrossFire Laurie
5:30am TRX Nicole
5:30am Spin Rebecca
7:25am Healthy Posture Lorri
8:30am Caged Nicole
8:30am Healthy Posture Variety Lorri
9:30am Spin Flex Nicole
9:30am Pilates Leigh
10:30am At the Barre Leigh
9:35am Group Power Deb/Sheri
12pm Healthy Posture Lorri
6:30pm Spin Steve
6:30pm Healthy Posture Lorri
6:30pm Cardio Tennis Mary
7:30pm BUTI Yoga Sinalei


Childcare Hours: 8am – 12pm

6am HIIT McKenzie
8am High Fitness Lindsay/Tangi
9am Fascianator Jeanne
12pm Sound Therapy & Flow Eduardo
7:15pm Sound Therapy & Flow Eduardo


Childcare Hours: 8:30am – 12pm

5:30am Chisel Kristen N
6:30am Spin Jill
8:30am PHIIT Ava
9:30am Power Yoga Natalie
10:35am Healthy Posture Lorri
4:15pm Healthy Posture Lorri

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