Golf School

How can i learn and play golf at NO COST TO ME?

If this question catches your attention, you’re in luck! We are an approved vendor for the Select Health Golf Benefit program! For more information call Steven Wade, Swade Insurance at 435-669-1263


Did you know that a typical golf swing only takes about 1.5 seconds to compete! Multiply that times 100 strokes and in four hours of golf, you are only swinging for 2.5 minutes.. what else are you doing with your time?


Next time you play, just look at the horizon as you walk in between shots. Looking at the horizon will keep you in the present. Look to the future with joy and relaxation when you play and more good shots will come your way! We will shortly be announcing other Golf Facilities within our Golf School Program.


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For questions, call Arnie Billingsley, Golf School Director (916) 412 -8606