Intensity Training is the most efficient way to burn fat and keep muscle while simultaneously increasing your cardiorespiratory efficiency! Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone (and into the anaerobic zone) is not only challenging but extremely rewarding. Get ready to see – and feel – amazing results!


This muscle-building, strength-gaining class is set inside and outside THE CAVE to ignite a savage reaction from your own physical restraints. Utilizing a variety of resistance equipment, you’ll find and develop the animalistic muscle-machine you body naturally yearns to become! ​

Body Burn​

Incorporating a variety of resistance equipment, Body Burn sets your muscles on fire! Through the combination of functional and strength training, you’ll ignite your core, build overall muscle strength, and spark your cardio.*Water and towel required.


SURGE FIT is the energizing HIIT workout that will get you results fast! High intensity cardio tracks that push fat burning systems into high gear are intertwined with high-rep strength training tracks that shape and tone your body for maximum results. Popular music driven highs and lows combined with a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate and muscles surging to push you to your personal best. Feel the surge! *Water and towel required.