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Mary Mathews


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  • Certified Cardio Tennis Instructor


Before being introduced to tennis I was a competitive runner during which time I competed in 12 marathons, including the New York City marathon and the Boston Marathon. Within 3 months of picking up a tennis racquet, my passion for running quickly shifted to tennis and I became obsessed with the sport. The hours I had spent on the track or on the road training for marathons turned to hours on the tennis court learning groundstrokes, volleys, serves, footwork and tennis strategy. I was excited to find that tennis involved a community of tennis players that quickly became my friends and I looked forward to seeing these new friends at clinics, classes & lessons each day. I have found this community of players to be the most enjoyable aspect of tennis for me and I soon found that I wanted to help others learn the game of tennis because of this. Tennis also improved aspects of my health and fitness in ways my running never did. The change in movements and quick sprinting required on the tennis court made me faster, stronger and healthier. I quickly saw how tennis can improve cardiovascular health as well as overall fitness and thus pursued my certification in Cardio Tennis so I could become an instructor and help others enjoy the health benefits of the sport. After 10 years in a career teaching preschool, and as my passion shifted to tennis, I found that I could use this teaching experience on the tennis court helping others learn to play.