Bethany Macke

Personal Trainer

Email:, IG: @mackefitness, @mackesbclimbn, @bethanymacke


  • Resistance Training Specialist Personal Trainer
  • Muscle Activation Techniques
  • American Mountain Guide, Single Pitch Instructor
  • Climbing Strength Coach



Bethany has been personal training since 2002. Bethany believes that anyone can become stronger and more confident when they focus on their own health and wellness and is eager to provide an experience for her clients where they can be challenged to exceed their expectations and overcome limiting beliefs. She has worked with clients of many different backgrounds and with a variety of fitness and health goals. As an adult Bethany competed in figure competitions and then transferred the determination and training to pursue a passion in rock climbing, where she is highly ranked in the +40 for women in the US. She understands that fitness can be measured in many ways and enjoys coaching her clients to achieve whatever goal they have determined for themselves. Certified in MAT, Bethany has the tools to restore muscle function in clients, allowing clients to exercise in a pain free environment.