David Griffith

Tennis Instructor

Email: tennis@summitathleticclub.com


Stop on by the summit and see what you can learn from the coaches’ coach.
David is a 25 year old tennis instructor, and the shining star of our Coaching Staff. All the women love him. With over 12 years of tennis experience under his belt, he’s been described as “not terrible.” In his teens, he instructed tennis to all ages in a serious tennis program for 2.5 years, competed in USTA sanctioned tournaments & circuits, as well as smaller (local) tournaments in the Saint George area.

A specialist in a very traditional style of play, his half-volleys and pickups are unparalleled. Under his direction, you can learn such shots as:
-Inside out forehand
-Defensive overhead

After a very successful 2018 stint on the challenger circuits all across Europe (for example Spain), he decided to abandon his promising career… for true love. And while it didn’t work out in the end, you’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty cute.