Grayson DeWitp

Tennis Instructor



Grayson was first introduced to the sport of tennis when his sister suggested he give it a try during his sophomore year in high school. He knew right away that he felt a passion for the sport and would continue to play for the rest of his life. Grayson played high school tennis at Dixie High School and went on to apply the things he learned as a player to becoming a tennis instructor. Grayson has been coaching tennis for the past two years, first with the city of Saint George and now at Summit Athletic Club. Grayson is a true student of the sport and has spent countless hours studying and analyzing the sport and its strategy. He has also attended several learning program about the sport and how to coach it. In his own words, “I’m always ready for the next opportunity to get back out on the court, whether that’s coaching or playing I can’t wait to get out there!”