P.I.I.T. Pilates

Pilates fused with H.I.I.T.

We incorporate traditional Mat Pilates work with high intensity interval training. This modality is designed to target the core while using full body movements to maximize your workout, incorporating H.I.I.T. to get into the fat burning zone! Not only is this class an asset to your physical body, it is also designed to enhance your mental strength for an overall sense of health.


Sculpt that booty! Utilizing dance and pilates fundamentals, you can’t help but feel the burn. Come tone your glutes, legs, arms, and more in this intense barre class! *Water, towel, and mat required.

Pilates Burn

Get ready for an upbeat invigorating twist on traditional pilates! Without missing proper form and needed modifications, this class burns your powerhouse, kicks in tractional moves, and adds in that cardio benefit. (Hot classes take place in a 80* - 105* heated studio)


In this total body workout, you'll focus on building power, strength, and muscular endurance - all through isolated and integrated movements. This Mat Pilates class is derived from traditional mat pilates and is guaranteed to give your powerhouse a challenging and effective workout!

Barre Sculpt

Barre sculpt is designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes, legs, core, and arms. By using small, controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetition, as well as short cardio bursts, you can develop a strong, long, and lean physique. Barre sculpt is barre-less which also helps build your balance and stability while improving your overall core strength.