Summit Athletic Club

Safety Information

What Summit Athletic Club is doing to KEEP YOU SAFE!

  • Before entering the club all Members & Staff will be required to wash hands at our Handwashing station located outside the front door at River Road.  Front doors will remain open to ensure members don’t have to touch handles after washing their hands.
  • Discs have been placed on the floor before check in to make sure all members are staying 6 feet apart as well as giving information about what to do once inside the club.
  • At check in members will be asked a few questions by our masked front desk staff concerning their current health and what they have experienced in the last two weeks.   As soon as questions are answered they will be let into the club.
  • All of Summit’s Cardio equipment has been set up to serve in social distancing with every other piece of equipment being blocked off.
  • Summit is prepared with cleaning equipment, cleaning staff, sanitizing wipes, and more to keep everything clean and sanitary during use.  Members will also be asked to assist in this by cleaning off everything they touch after each use.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the club to encourage cleanliness.
  • Summit Members are asked while inside our club to maintain a distance of 6 feet apart.
  • When classes open on April 27th they will be held in Summit’s main gym/basketball court and outside on our Tennis courts.  We feel that this form of open air and space will help all members be able to stay 6 feet apart.
  • When our Childcare department opens they will adhere to all State Guidelines by only allowing 10 people (9 children, 1 child care giver) inside the room at any given time.  We have 3 rooms set up to accommodate
  • Previously to opening the club every piece of equipment from treadmill to slam ball has been not only scrubbed, cleaned but bleached & sanitized.  Each and every dumbbell was bleached from lifting equipment to class equipment.
  • We will have staff walking around the club making sure all procedures are being followed by our members.