Summit Athletic Club


Spin Classes

Our Spin program can’t be topped her in Southern Utah! As a certified Spinning(R) Facility, you’ll get the most out of your ride. Whether you’re on the bike for the first time or training for the Ironman, you’ll reap the benefits of Spin!


As a certified Spinning® facility, we deliver the highest level of group indoor cycling known the world over. The Spinning® program is not just about exercise. Spinning® classes offer a variety of rides, movements, coaching, and motivation that keep you safe, excited, and engaged. Come on in and enjoy the ride!

Spin Flex

This isn’t your average ride. We take the best of both worlds and watch them seamlessly join together for one of the most results-oriented workouts available! Combining the countless benefits of the most recognized group indoor cycling program with the sculpting power of light weights and/or resistance equipment and high repetition, you’ll keep coming back for more!

Road Ride

Bring your intense passion, extreme desire, and vigorous energy to this true-to-the-road spin class. You’ll attack climbs, power down slopes, and bolt around turns. Enjoy the ride! *Water and towel required.

Spin Power

Designed to apply your true power through power-based rides and progressive programming. Learn the relationship between power and RPE, heart rate, and cadence. Guiding you through the importance of power in your ride, will provide you with the tools needed to take your cycle journey to the next level. *Water and towel required.

Motivational Mondays

Nothing says “crazy” like a Monday. After kick starting your week with the rush that Mondays always bring, come channel stress, gain some mental clarity, and energize your body in this inspiring and uplifting Spin class. This weekly motivational session will not only propel you, but prepare you to conquer the remaining days of the workweek. *Water and towel required.

Spin Beats

The rhythm is gonna get you pumped in this beat inspired Spin class! *Water and towel required.