8 Years - 6 Rocks

3 Mini, 3 Big!

2021 Official Summit Rock T-Shirts go ON SALE MAY 20TH!

KICK OFF WEEK - 3 Mini Rocks - Up to $3,000

Dates: June 2nd, 3rd & 4th

To get everyone in rock hunting shape we are kicking this year off with 3 mini Summit/Kubex $1000 rocks! On June 2nd, 3rd and 4th we will have a rock hunt each day to help get you in shape for this years Summit Rock Hunt. Clues will be given out from 99.9 KONY Country, Planer 105.1, 95.9 The Hawk Sunny 101.5 email, instagram and on air. As well as St. George News Instagram, Summit Rock Clues Discussion page and at Summit Athletic Club. Each of these mini rocks will be worth $500 or $1000 if you are wearing the official 2021 Summit Rock T-shirt and should be found the same day. 3 mini Summit/Kubex $100 rocks in just 3 days. Don’t worry, if you find one of the Mini Rocks you’re still eligible to find one of the up to $10,000 Summit rocks!

It’s time to Buy your Summit Rock r-shirt, only $10 at the Summit Athletic club! The t-shirt is a huge help to the game and also gets you into the Summit Athletic Club for the month of June.

3 ROCKS - 3 WEEKS - $30,000

June 7th - June 26th

99.9 KONY Country, Planer 105.1, 95.9 The Hawk, Sunny 101.5, St. George News and the Summit Athletic Club present Find the Summit Rock. Starting Monday, June 7th listen to 8:00 am Monday-Friday for clues on the location of the Summit Rock. The first person to find the rock will win $5,000. Clues will also be available on the 99.9 KONY Country, Planer 105.1, 95.9 The Hawk, Sunny 101.5, St. George News and St George News Instagram page.

Week 1:

June 7th - June 11th

Clue each day Monday – Friday until the Summit Rock is found

Week 2:

June 14th - June 18th

Clue each day Monday – Friday until the Summit Rock is found

Week 3:

No clues until Saturday

Saturday, June 26th starting at 9:00 am a clue will be given each hour until the rock is found.

How it Works

Once the first rock is found, the contest starts all over again with new clues on the location of the third rock. Once the third is found, the contest is complete


99.9 KONY Country, Planer 105.1, 95.9 The Hawk, Sunny 101.5, St. George News and Summit Athletic Club realize this is a large sum of money and many of you will be looking for the rocks. So we ask you to please read the following rules carefully and have fun!


  1. Employees of Canyon Media and Summit Athletic Club, and their households, are not eligible to find the Summit Rock
  2. By finding the rock, you win $5,000. In order to win $10,000, you must be wearing a verified 2021 Summit Rock t-shirt when you find the rock (previous years’ shirts will not qualify you to win $10,000).
  3. If you are found cheating, you will forfeit all winnings. 
  4. If you find the rock, you must call 435-628-5000 immediately. You cannot leave the site and come back. You must prove possession to win. There can only be one (1) winner per rock. In the event of a dispute over who found the rock, all parties will be eliminated.
  5. By participating you assume all liability. Canyon Media and Summit Athletic Club are not reaponsible for any injuries sustained while in pursuit of the Summit Rock.
  6. The Summit Rock is subject to verification. Any counterfeit attempt will disqualify you from any current or future contest participation. 
  7. Must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian with you when you find the rock. 
  8. Current and past year winners and their households are not eligible for any other Summit Rock contest. 
  9. Must present two (2) valid forms of ID to receive winnings. 
  10. Winner is resonsible for any applicable taxes.
  11. Winner must return the rock to redeem prize. The rock is property of Summit Athletic Club. 
  12. Summit Athletic Club and Conyon Media reserve the right to use and distribute images, voice, and likeness of winners. 
  13. If you break any law -i.e. trespassing, vandalism, littering, etc. -while in pursuit of the rock, you are automatically disqualified from all current & future promotions.
  14. Any destruction of property – including, but not limited to, landscaping, fencing. water features. vehicles-automatically disqualifies you from all current and future promotions.
  15. The Summit Rock will not be hidden within 50ft of any commercial building or residence. 
  16. Purchasing a 2021 Summit Rock edition t-shirt is solely for membership to Summit Athletic Club for the month of June, 2021.
  17. By Purchasing and/or winning a 2021 Summit Rock t-shirt, you qualify to win $10,000 if you find the rock while wearing the shirt. You also get the privilege of using Summit Athletic Club for the entire month of June, 2021, as long as you’re wearing the 2021 Summit Rock t-shirt.

2021 Summit Rock Hunt $33,000

Official Rules