2022 Rock Hunt

Celebrating our 10th year of rock hunting. 

Summit Rock POOL PARTY

Friday, June 17th: 5:00pm - 9:00pm

New for this year, Summit is hosting a pool party at their River Road location on June 17 from 5-9pm. Rock hunters can grab discounted shirts and pick up an exclusive clue for the following day’s search. There will also be food trucks and fun games with prizes. The party is free and open to everyone in the community. Summit owner Joe Levine said he’s beyond excited to celebrate 10 years of rock hunting. He started the hunt as a way to give back to the community while encouraging Southern Utahns to get outside and be active. But it’s also a golden opportunity for spending quality time with family and friends, working together to figure out the quirky clues that lead to a big payday. 

10 Years - 6 Rocks

3 Mini, 3 Big!

Buy a Shirt and Double the Prize!

Non-members get into any of our 3 locations all of June with official 2022 Summit Rock Shirt! A limited quantity of shirts are available to purchase for $10 each at Summit’s River Road location.

KICK OFF WEEK - 3 Mini Rocks - Up to $3,000

Dates: May 25th, 26th & 27th

Mini Rock #1

Wednesday, May 25th

Mini Rock #2

Thursday, May 26th

Mini Rock #3

Friday, May 27th

Sharpen your hunting skills before the main event by searching for three mini rocks with daily hunts on May 25, 26 and 27. The first clue will be revealed on-air to listeners of 99.9 KONY Country, 95.9 The Hawk, Planet 105.1, 96X and Sunny 101.5 during the first break of the 8 o’clock hour of broadcasting, usually around 8:10 a.m.

Additional clues will be given every hour until each rock is found and will be posted on the Instagram feeds of every station as well as St. George News. If you find a mini rock, you’re still eligible to hunt for a big rock and potentially take home a total payout of $11,000.

2021 Summit Rock Hunt $10,000 winners, location and date not specified | Photo by James Kreitzer, St. George News

Each mini rock is worth $1,000 if found while wearing the official 2022 Summit Rock Hunt T-shirt; otherwise, the payout is $500.

3 ROCKS - 3 WEEKS - $30,000

May 31st - June 18th

The big rocks are worth $10,000 each, or $5,000 without a shirt. 

The big rocks are up for grabs during the weeks of May 31 and June 6. Only one clue will be given daily until each rock is found. The clue will be revealed to radio listeners during the first break of the 8 a.m. broadcast.

If you miss it, the clue will be posted on the Instagram feeds of all five stations along with St. George News at 10 a.m. But time is of the essence, so be sure to tune in.

For the grand finale on June 18, one clue will be given on the radio and via Instagram every hour beginning at 8 a.m. and continuing until the rock is found.

Big Rock #1

Tuesday, May 31st til found

Clue each day Tuesday – Friday until the Summit Rock is Found

Big Rock #2

Monday, June 6th til found

Clue each day Monday – Friday until the Summit Rock is Found

Big Rock #3

Saturday, June 18th all day

NO CLUES UNTIL SATURDAY JUNE 18TH. Starting at 9am a clue will be given each hour live on the radio, instagram and app until the rock is found.

Where to find clues?

8:00am – Clues will be posted at Summit Athletic Club Outside by the tennis courts. 

9:00am – Clues will be posted on Summit Social Media.

Instagram: @thesummitac, Facebook: @summitac, Rock Clue Discussion Page.


99.9 KONY Country, Planer 105.1, 95.9 The Hawk, Sunny 101.5, St. George News and Summit Athletic Club realize this is a large sum of money and many of you will be looking for the rocks. So we ask you to please read the following rules carefully and have fun!

2022 Summit Rock Hunt $33,000

Official Rules