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We have heart pounding cardio & live ball classes to work on your stroke and your fitness. Live ball is a recreational clinic where points are played out doing different drills. We have something for everyone. If you enjoy pickleball, we have 4 brand new pickleball courts. We offer pickleball lessons and tournaments..

Live Ball

Cardio Tennis

Advanced Clinic

Beginners Clinic

Sign up at the front desk. Pick up a cone for cardio/liveball day of class at the front desk. Free for members | $10 for non-members

Get Tough Tennis

Technical, Physical and Mental training. Get your emotional intelligence in check as well.

Junior Competition Program




High Performance

12 N' Under Program

Future Stars Red

Rising Stars Orange

All Stars Green

Pickleball Leagues

Registration is open for MEMBERS ONLY starting October 23rd @ 8:00am. Registration is open to both members & non-members starting October 30th @ 8:00am till registration is full.

4.0 Night League

4.0 Morning League

3.0 Morning League

Junior League

5.0 Night League

4.5 Night League

3.5 Morning League

$40 for members | $50 for non-members. Leagues start the week of November 6th and will continue through December 22nd.

There will not be any leaugues November 20th – 24th.

Pickleball Fundamentals

Registration is now open for MEMBERS ONLY. Starting October 15th @ 8:00am, registration is open to both members & non-members till registration is full. Sessions start the week of October 19th and continue till November 30th.

Adult: 3.0 & 3.5

Junior: Hot Shots

Junior: Big Shots

Racquet Stringing

24 Hour turn around | Extensive string selection


$35 member; $40 non-member


$20 member; $25 non-member


Meet the Team

Tennis Instructors

Rod Horton
Tennis & Pickleball Director
Averee Beck

Pickleball Instructors

Chad Williams
Averee Beck
Kevin Wilkenson
Aubrey Anderson

Clinic Schedule

Get Tough Tennis Registration

Get Tough Tennis Registration
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Pickleball Fundamentals Registration

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$40 Members | $50 Non-Members

No refunds for cancellations. Temporary nets will be used. Email for additional information.