Virtual Training


Finally everyone can have access to the knowledge, research, and attention once reserved for only the most elite athletes. With this incredible course the secrets, and experience of world-class exercise physiologists and trainers are at your fingertips every time you go to the gym. No calculating, no planning, no frustration. It’s everything you ever wanted in an exercise and fitness program, and it only takes 30 minutes a day.


Intimidation is the number one deterrent to regular exercising at traditional gyms. Our virtual training course is designed to help everyone get healthy, no matter where you’re currently at. That’s why we offer our revolutionary workout cubes that allow you to workout in privacy. No more worrying about judgement at the gym, it’s just you and your workout. This course is a revolution in exercise and fitness! Thousands of hours, 15+ years of research and millions of dollars have been invested in creating this system. The result is a perfectly planned workout that anyone can do. During your 30-minute session, each cube displays video animations and instructions on your screen. The process is so simple that anyone can follow the plan, but it does adjust to your level and get harder the more you come so you get the best workout every time.


As you are guided through the workout cubes of challenging, fun, and engaging exercises, you relax and focus on each movement. No waiting for machines or worrying about others watching you, just exercising and improving at your own skill level and pace in privacy. Virtual Training makes it easy to stay committed and on track with your fitness goals. 30 minutes, three times a week is all it takes to experience the amazing changes that will happen to your body and your life!


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