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Citizens of St. George

In our own way, we have all made an investment in what is known to be one of the fastest growing cities in our nation. St. George has become one of the most desirable places to live, work and play.
My name is ED BACA, and having faithfully attended city council meetings for a number of years, I was honored to be elected to serve you on the city council. You have entrusted me to be your eyes and ears at City Hall. Knowing that you cannot be expected to be in attendance at all council meetings, representing your interest, I have faithfully done so, not having missed one meeting. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and consider it a privilege to be able to meet with you to keep you informed and abreast of city activities.
Municipal elections are at hand. The last voter turnout was only 12 percent and with so many challenges and opportunities confronting us I’m hoping to increase this to 20 percentage points thus allowing for increased gathering of public opinion. I am always available, eager to learn and listen, seeking ways to keep St. George the way you want it to be.
My wife, Karen, has been in the health and wellness business for many years. She has served her clients and helped to promote and live a healthy life style. There isn’t a better place than our city anywhere. Like you, we have come to love and appreciate the City of St. George. We hope that you will participate in newly established “Vote by Mail” process adopted here in Washington County. You will soon be receiving you ballot in the mail.
We live in the greatest nation on earth and St. George is a city we can all take pride in calling it our home. Embracing change has been a challenge, yet together, we have managed to retain valued traditions, provide up to date health and safety standards, and prepare for future economic and social demands. If you feel Ed Baca is the right fit for St. George, your support would be much appreciated.

Thank you, ED BACA


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