Functional Training is a buzz phrase in the industry! The benefits of functional training are far-reaching and can assist in improving your body’s natural and optimal capabilities in all types of movements. From improving your gait to attacking an obstacle course, functional training is an important component to your fitness routine.

TRX / Kettlebells​

Come build strength in this TRX & Kettlebells class! We will learn proper form and breath work while building endurance! Kettlebells work multiple muscle groups to help get that extra burn!


Functional training at its finest! Exercising on the TRX Suspension Trainer forces the use of core strength to stabilize the body. Every movement executed on the TRX, from the TRX Biceps Curl to the TRX Side Plank, taxes the entire system as an interconnected series of kinetic chains replicating how the body moves in sport and in life.


This Pickleball class is designed for everybody to enjoy a social, fun, and competitive atmosphere. They will learn everything they need to know about the fastest growing sport in America. Examples are rules, scoring, fundamentals, and strategies. This is a great way to exercise and have fun doing it!