There is a reason why Yoga has been around for hundreds of years. The physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits of yoga have been experienced time and time again. Gain strength , flexibility, and a deeper appreciation of your body in the many yoga varietals Summit has to offer. Namaste.



Sometimes slowing down and focusing internally is exactly what is needed to productively face the hectic interactions of everyday life. Take this opportunity to let your body gently flow through yoga postures as you mentally withdraw from the stresses that occupy your mind. *Mat required.


Moonlight inspired, this gentle yoga class is designed to create an ebb and flow atmosphere. Calmly unwinding you for the night, you find yourself relaxed and carefree. *Water, towel, and mat required.


Geared towards those who are new to Yoga. You will learn to move your body and breathe efficiently and effectively as you develop balance, strength, and flexibility while deepening the connection between your body, mind, and spirit. Come release tension and stress through graceful movement patterns, breath work, and deep stretches. *Mat required.


A yoga class infused with pilates fundamentals utilizing a combination of strength poses, therapeutic flow, physical & mental detoxification, and gratitude movements. This energetic class brings your body and mental elements together allowing for enhanced energy levels and natural cleansing. Synergism at its finest! *Mat and towel required


Vinyasa inspired. In this class you’ll move fluidly through yoga flexibility-based postures, classic stretching, and balance poses. This class focuses on increasing muscle length, range of motion, and body awareness & appreciation. The combination of both static & dynamic stretching, yoga flow, and relaxation allows for a mindful and physical awakening. *Mat required.


Summit’s Yoga classes are inspired by Flow and Power Yoga styles. You’ll work to heat the body to promote increased flexibility and generate sweat – the body’s natural way of purging toxins and releasing what holds us back both physically and spiritually. Utilizing flowing and sequencing movements (vinyasa) in conjunction with breath (pranayama), you will leave feeling energized, uplifted, and centered. *Mat required. (Hot Power Yoga takes place in a 90-105 degree studio)


Fascia is the connective tissue that connects every part of the body from head to toe. It is also the posture organ, contains the fiber optics of the body, and flows the lymphatic system. When dried out, Fascia becomes toxic, hard, tense, knotted, stiff, painful, limits range of motion, and more! By rolling with the Fascination Method, we rehydrate and smooth the Fascia to return proper posture, range of motion, agility, muscle definition, and release the body from pain.


Yoga Conditioning is a powerful up-and-coming branch of yoga and feels fitting for the gym atmosphere. *Water, towel, and mat required.


Utilizing synchronized breathing and movements, join us in this popular yoga style as you move fluidly through different spiritually and physically benefiting postures. *Mat required.


Incorporating most yoga styles, Hatha yoga focuses on the individual postures bringing peace to your mind and preparing your body for deep relaxation and/or meditation to help you feel rejuvenated and ready to face the rigors of the external world. *Mat required.


Join us in this breath-based beginning yoga practice (which is restorative in nature) combined with Pilates fundamentals. We work to find the balance between strength and flexibility, and between mobility and stability. *Mat required.


Good morning! Come alive as you spiritually and physically awaken in this early morning yoga class. As the day breaks, you’ll fill your body and mind with invigorating energy and mental preparedness through yoga flow, postures, and breath to calmly and productively take on your day. *Mat required.


Completely immersed in sacred sounds utilizing quartz crystal alchemy bowls, awakening aromas blended from unique scents customized for this journey, and magnetic movements inspired by the healing powers of vinyasa, you will find yourself diving deep into a tranquil state where your body, mind, and soul find a peaceful balance. Join us in this sui generis cleansing towards harmonious health in this flow, vibration, and meditative focused experience. *Mat required